Achieve Success, Live With Happiness, And Enjoy The Good Life
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What Is Millionaire At 22?
Millionaire at 22 contains the 8 powerful lessons that helped a young boy achieve success in business and in life despite his young age, doubts, and failures.

After being able to breakthrough his personal challenges, he realized a framework - lessons that are not taught in our traditional education system and are not even taught by our elders. These lessons will be revealed to you inside the book.

Just to be clear, this book is not only about earning your first million. It is not telling you to earn it on or before the age of 22. NO it is not.

This is about how YOU can avoid the failures that the author has been through and how YOU can achieve the same success as he did.
Can You Imagine A Life Where You Do Not Have To Worry About Money?
A life full of freedom and happiness? And a life that is lived with abundance and fulfillment? That is exactly the result we want you to get from reading this book.
  • ​Millionaire at 22 will show how you can make a lot of money in business even if you've failed a lot of times or you're scared to get started.
  • ​Millionaire at 22 will give you the lessons that the author learned throughout his journey so that you can speed up your journey to success.
  • ​Millionaire at 22 will help you live an abundant lifestyle full of love, happiness, wealth, and fulfillment.
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Why Your Age, Business Experience, And Knowledge Has NOTHING To Do With Your Ability To Achieve Success, Live With Happiness And Enjoy The Good Life...
People call me the Millionaire at 22.
I am known for making an 8-figure business online with just a laptop and an internet connection while wearing boxers.
And now traveling around the country teaching others to do the same. But it wasn't always that way...

I used to think: I can't do it because I'm too young.
When I was still in college, I ventured into network marketing but after a couple of months, I lost my team and failed in that business.
From the earnings I saved, I then started a small traditional business but after a few months, I closed my business down and went bankrupt. I lost almost everything I had.

I used to think: I can't do it because my parents had a different mindset
My parents conditioned me that to achieve success, you have to:
"Go to school, study hard, have good grades, and find a high-paying stable job"

I used to think: I can't do it because I wasn't good in computers
In school, I had bad grades in computer class. I didn't know how to use Excel, or even make a Powerpoint slide. I also didn't know how to use Facebook few years back. It took me a couple of months to understand and earn my first sale online. 
After going through obstacles and challenges in life, I realized one thing.

"Whether you think, you can or you can't, you're right!"

You are responsible for putting a ceiling to what you are capable of.
You can have all these objections, but I want you to be able to see that your own potential is bigger than that.

In this book, I want to show you that anything is possible. Your dreams are achievable. And that you are one step away from achieving your goals.

Let me be clear though...

Even though the title of the book is Millionaire at 22, this is not only about earning your first million. I am not saying to earn it on or before the age of 22.  NO it is not.

This is about the journey that I’ve been through. The excuses, the goals, the lessons and the mindset shifts I needed to achieve my dreams. This is about how YOU can avoid the failures and how YOU can achieve the same success as I did.

In general, this book is about success. Breaking through your struggles in life. Breaking through the objections and excuses that is hindering you from achieving your desired life. 
Inside this FREE book, here are some of the secrets that will be revealed... 
  • Discover the ONE Thing that holds people back from their dreams and how you can overcome this by using a "common-sense" approach that people aren't doing. pg. 33
  • "Helping your family is a priority?" WRONG. The selfish secret on how to achieve your dreams.. Faster. p. 39
  • The secret to becoming a better person by blaming someone the right way. p.48
  • Understand why investing in real estate, stocks and the like is BAD and discover the only thing you need to invest in until you are earning at least $10,000 per month! pg. 56
  • Discover the entrepreneur's ONLY job and how people will beg you to give their hard-earned money to you. pg. 60
  • How to activate the law of attraction and why it is useless unless you figure this out. pg. 65
  • Uncover a billionaire's simple advice and why having multiple businesses won't make you rich. (Do this instead and it will skyrocket your business) pg. 71
  • And how to finally achieve success, live with happiness and enjoy the good life even if you lost money in business, made bad investments, and failed multiple times. pg.75
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Millionaire at 22 By Fibo Lim
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